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See for yourself how we have helped other businesses similar to yours get more out of their data!

New Vinergia 2005 S.L.

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I guess that being a small company we could be flexible to suit ourselves and so we ended up doing lots of diverse things and used lots of different excels to manage our business and none of the larger packages fit what we wanted – a cloud-based, flexible database. We chose to work with Arctec based on a short interview where we seemed to be on the same wavelength and within the context of what software firms seem to deem normal as fees, the pricing was more than reasonable.

The process has been quite long but never really felt long, because we were able to get a basic model up and running relatively quickly, so we could see how it was working and tweak it from there. The system now works excellently for us, but is robust enough to be tweaked and prodded in other directions. The system ‘works’ because our main users on a day-to-day basis find it easy to manage, it saves them time and also because those of us who use it less intensely can find what we want without a large amount of effort or training.

For us, the combination of Arctec and Ninox has been a resounding success. If you are like us: a successful small business that has become, to a certain extent, a victim of its own success, with too many different little processes and you find you’re struggling with incompatible information, talking to Arctec would be a big first step to streamlining your business, saving time (and money) and spending more time on talking positively to clients and building more business.

Ataraxia Broking Ltd


We were looking for a cost-effective and bespoke CRM to manage our growing customer base, and Arctec were recommended to us by a business connection.

The resulting bespoke Ninox database has given us a tailor-made solution to managing our client records, recording customer contact and diarying our activity.  We are able to gauge our customer contact more effectively, and this is an easy data warehouse solution too.

I would recommend Arctec for their speedy response, professionalism, and quick understanding and interpretation of our needs. 

Qualitas Fleet Solutions

Qualitas New Logo.png

We were introduced to Arctec by a shared contact, who I know would only introduce me to someone trustworthy.

We appointed Arctec to build a Ninox database to help manage our Fleet of vehicles. It needed to integrate with our Xero accounting software too. What Arctec have delivered has worked incredibly well!

It has allowed us to scale the business, provide greater internal controls and improve efficiencies whilst at the same time allowing an improved customer experience.

As a result of the above, we would absolutely recommend Arctec! They are a committed team who deliver a great product in a way which makes it a pleasure to work with them.

Matrix Diagnostics Ltd

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Arctec and Matrix started working together when we (Matrix) were looking for a database-based solution to help organise/manage our collections based data.

The work has helped streamline several previously manual processes and automate them. This in turn has helped drastically improve the quality and accuracy of the data captured whilst providing a source of truth that serves as a good point of reference.

I would recommend Arctec. They are a very professional company who are very hands on and easy to work with to achieve your business solutions.

The Forge Gallery

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We had scoured the market looking to replace our order management system and what was out there was expensive and didn’t fit well into our bespoke business. We were looking at paying a lot of money for systems that had lots of functionality that we would never use and the implementation costs for these systems were high with all the risk sitting with us. If the system wasn’t suitable or didn’t work it was our issue. This is where Arctec came in.


They developed what we already had, transforming it into exactly what we needed.


After the initial development we then worked with Arctec to automate any parts that we could. The automation saved us significant amounts of time and dealt with a lot of historic issues allowing us to streamline the business and be massively more efficient. This extra time has allowed us to focus on growing the business.


We have found the whole team at Arctec to be extremely knowledgeable and very easy to work with. It’s not often you find a company that wants to actually add value and that’s what Arctec do.


We aren’t IT experts and Arctec always take the time to understand any request that we make, to ensure that the outcome is what we actually need and want and not misinterpreted. These guys are highly recommended by us and we wouldn’t go anywhere else. 

Vita Bright

Vita Bright

Arctec were recommended to us during our search to find an approved Ninox Professional. They were mentioned more than once with glowing reviews, which I’m now happy to add to.

The work that Arctec completed has helped us immensely, Ninox is a very powerful system but to get the best out of it you need a professional like Thomas at Arctec. We have now integrated our Shopify stock levels with Ninox.

I would recommend Arctec to anyone with a Ninox or Integromat project.

Hemsley Ltd

Hemsley Ltd

I was using excel, excessively! And wanted to have an affordable solution that I could access anywhere, i.e. on my phone, laptop, pc, tablet.  Particularly for when I’m out travelling for meetings etc.


The work done by Arctec has given me a highly organised tool that I can now access anywhere and that I can update in real time very easily.  It also enables me to record larger data, i.e. extensive notes that I wouldn’t do in excel. 


I would recommend Tom and Arctec to other businesses without hesitation.

Cramlington Town Council

CTC Logo.png

As an organisation, we had built a robust resource management system in order to deliver our services, however, it came to a point where we needed an IT professional who was familiar with the Ninox platform in order to develop our system further.


We found Arctec via some minor research on the internet and within a couple of hours of viewing their website, Arctec was commissioned to undertake works on behalf of the Council. 

By commissioning Arctec, it enabled us to relieve staff time internally and it allowed us to develop the database beyond our skillset.

We would absolutely recommend Arctec as their services are delivered to a high standard and they deliver their development works at an affordable rate.  

Cheshire Cars Ltd

Cheshire Cars Logo Jpeg.jpg

I had been looking at a database solution for clients sales and servicing requirements, with the inbuilt option of further expanding the design to future proof the platform going forwards.

Tom’s knowledge in his field allows him to offer solutions tailor made to your individual business. So after engaging Tom he was ultra-professional and delivered. During the process Tom was prepared to tweak certain parts of the database to my satisfaction. Included in the price was Tom demonstrating the finished platform plus he doesn’t mind the odd call every now and then!

I would recommend Arctec, as the design and speed plus value was a perfect fit for SME’s.

Pinnacle Assist Ltd

Pinnacle Assist

I know Tom from Arctec from the previous work we've done together, and know how particular he is when tasked with projects, therefore it was a simple decision for me when asking them to create my bespoke CRM system. Further to this, I welcome input from specialists as to how I can add further value to the system, this is something the business assists you with.

I now have a fully operating CRM system which assists me in several tasks, which simply helps me run my business on a day-to-day basis. Further to this, any updates/tweaks that need doing are arranged promptly and precisely which in itself add mass value to the working relationship I have with Arctec!

I have recommended and will continue to recommend businesses to use Arctec purely for the how effective and efficient they are in what they do.

The Kinderton


Initially we just wanted to understand our performance better, as we had data coming from different systems and could not easily see what was going in.


The reports that Arctec were able to produce pulled together all of our important data into one place and allowed us to see performance across all parts of the business, and they were accessible online. We also ended up developing our Ninox database further with Arctec, which now manages Events, Projects, Tasks and HR!


We would recommend Arctec to others!

Gourmet Guide Ltd


We previously managed all data in Google Sheets but wanted to know what was going on, in less time.

After working with Arctec, we were able to produce informative reports in no time and then use these to actually acquire new customers!

I would recommend using Arctec to others. Especially any that are storing information in spreadsheets on a daily basis.

Everything Genetic Ltd

EGL Logo for Site.png

Tom and his team were first involved with EGL over two years ago and have been working with us ever since on a number of business critical projects.


Arctec were originally recommended to EGL via a network of trusted local IT professionals.


We work with Arctec on an ongoing basis, and these works form the infrastructure of our new bespoke IT portal which connects our healthcare clinicians (customers) to EGL and also facilitates the efficiency of internal operations.  


Tom and his team are involved at the beginning of various projects, and we have been particularly impressed with their outstanding ability to quickly understand the more complex elements of the business need, and come up with appropriate custom solutions.  


The Arctec team build and deliver to tight agreed timescales and consistently deliver within agreed time frames. 

We would recommend Arctec for all the reasons listed above plus all staff members have always been pleasant and accommodating - a very professional company to deal with.

Englisch Alternativ

EA Logo for Site.png

We chose to work with Arctec because they offered a cost-effective solution to our CRM needs. Their ability to create a completely bespoke CRM system for us was a key factor in our decision. This customization allowed us to have a tailored solution that perfectly suited our business requirements.

The CRM system developed by Arctec has made a significant positive impact on our business operations. It has streamlined our administrative processes, resulting in a notable reduction in the time and effort required for various tasks. This has translated into improved efficiency and productivity for our organization.

One of the standout qualities of Arctec is their exceptional customer service. The team at Arctec is always friendly and responsive, making it a pleasure to work with them. Their commitment to providing top-notch customer support has been a crucial part of our positive experience with them. We are highly satisfied with the services provided by Arctec. Their cost-effective and customized CRM solution has streamlined our operations and significantly reduced administrative overhead. Moreover, their friendly and responsive team ensures that we always receive the best customer service. I would wholeheartedly recommend Arctec to other businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective software development solutions.

Super Source LLC

Super Source Logo Website.png

We were looking for a partner to help improve our existing Ninox application. We initially had a requirements review session with Arctec where they asked the right questions about our objectives and our business. Arctec presented an approach to build a new app leveraging third party tools to simplify our process and make future enhancements easier. The decision was easy at this point and we've enjoyed working with Arctec ever since.

We immediately saw an uptick in adoption and the quality of information collected surpassed our expectations. Arctec delivered a solution for our mobile workforce which simplified the process and made it extremely efficient. 

We highly recommend Arctec - due in large part to the quality of their work, their commitment to the customer, and creativity in developing a tailored solution.

Unlocking Language Limited

Unlocking Language

We wanted to work with someone who knew the system we were using and was recognised by the system as an expert.

We have engaged Arctec on ongoing projects and support for many months, they have helped us design and implement a CRM that automates our client stats and invoicing by integrating Google Calendar and Xero, this has freed us up to do other work.

Would highly recommend Arctec for their approachability, expertise and pragmatism in helping us streamline and automate systems.

Ostoya Furniture

Ostoya Furniture

Arctec is a premium partner of Ninox and they convinced me about their skills with a test project.

The work completed helps us to create an overview from all our products, producers and prices and we are able to create quotations in a wink.

The patience and understanding from Thomas helped make it possible to really get what we want with Ninox. We recommend working with Arctec without a doubt.

Kindertons Ltd

Kindertons Logo.png

Analysing data and producing data has never been an issue for us, the time taken in delivering it was, the solution delivered by Arctec gives so much time back to allow the findings to translate into meaningful actions.


Our teams now spend time working on the actions borne from the data rather than spending time analysing it.

I would definitely recommend Arctec, specifically to those who don’t have a big MI function behind them, it’s a simple cost effective way of giving your team the time to make improvements.

Elite Plumbing and Heating

Elite P&H

When I spoke with Arctec, I explained that I wanted a database which stored all of my existing customer’s details, along with quote and invoice templates. I also stressed that I wanted an application which I could navigate easily on my iPad, as opposed to only previously being able to use my laptop.


Arctec has provided me with a service whereby, I can now create invoices and quotes with just a couple of clicks. The database stores all data and flags to me any services that are due and helps me to easily diarise. 

I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to make things easier for themselves! 


Noteservice Logo.png

Ninox recommended four partners and after careful review, I chose to work with Arctec.

I had combined two old databases, and I needed to make one table out of two but keep all the links. Arctec worked with me over a series of video calls and helped me achieve the desired structure, now I can continue developing the database myself.

I would certainly recommend Arctec! Very good and friendly help, I will come back to Arctec when I need more help.

Mit Første Job

Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 10.00.04.png

I had been using Ninox for some time, but encountered some issues, that I was not able to fix myself. I saw Arctec listed as a Ninox partner, and asked if they could help me out. The dialogue was quick seamless and very service oriented. Thomas quickly understood my needs, and instantly knew how to meet them. 

Arctec fixed various issues with my Ninox database, and even managed to make some “nice-to-have” changes to the setup.

I would without any hesitation recommend Arctec to other businesses. We have been met with a high level of service and professionalism all the way through, and Thomas is very easy to communicate with.

Mackenzie Goldberg Johnson Ltd

MGJL Logo.png

We were looking for a CRM system, not only that, we were looking for someone that could customise the system to meet our needs.

It has proven to be a cost effective, efficient, well supported bespoke CRM system.


We would recommend both Tom and Arctec Group; it has been excellent to work with together.

AP Budgerigar

AP Budgerigar

I interviewed a few companies from the Ninox website and was most comfortable with Arctec - that my ideas for the database would be understood first, so that they could be translated into reality.

The work has been great, and it is doing what I want it to do.  So much so, that I am now using the Ninox database to manage a few other things, having seen how powerful it can be, through the database that Arctec set up.

I would recommend Arctec, yes! They were responsive, easy to work with and communicative.  


I enjoyed the process and felt that Arctec went above and beyond, rather than skimming anywhere. I was a bit hesitant to use a company not local to me (Australia), however it worked really well. Highly recommend

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