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Read more about how we helped Qualitas Fleet Solutions build a Fleet Management system that works for them!

Qualitas Fleet Solutions had some common requirements when finding a Fleet Management system (FMS) that would work for them, but they were finding it difficult to find the right system. 

Some of the key requirements they had were...

a FMS that accurately keeps track of the entire fleet

a FMS that could integrate with our Xero accounting software

a FMS that could be customised to mirror our workflow

a FMS that could easily scale up and grow with the business

We worked with Qualitas Fleet Solutions and helped them develop a customised FMS, in Ninox and Make, that worked for them. This met all of their key requirements, and more!

Ninox Make 365 graphic.png

Now, the team at Qualitas Fleet Solutions have a fully customised FMS that is built to their needs. The FMS is integrated with the other software they need, has improved efficiency and has grown with the business!

Qualitas New Logo.png

Read what Qualitas Fleet Solutions had to say about their new FMS:

"We were introduced to Arctec by a shared contact, who I know would only introduce me to someone trustworthy.

We appointed Arctec to build a Ninox database to help manage our Fleet of vehicles. It needed to integrate with our Xero accounting software too. What Arctec have delivered has worked incredibly well!

It has allowed us to scale the business, provide greater internal controls and improve efficiencies whilst at the same time allowing an improved customer experience.

As a result of the above, we would absolutely recommend Arctec! They are a committed team who deliver a great product in a way which makes it a pleasure to work with them."

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