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Annual Calendar


Are you looking to integrate parts of your Google account with other software?

If you have information in your Google applications (e.g. Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Sheets etc) that you need to use in other software, you can connect these together by integrating them. 

Likewise, if you have information in your other software that you need to see in your Google applications, this can be done too!

Some typical examples are...

create and send emails in Gmail using data from a marketing form

create or update rows in a Google Sheet using data received via email

create Google Calendar events from customer interactions recorded in your CRM

automatically store attachments from emails in Google Drive

We can help you connect your Google applications to the software you use everyday. In doing so, this will immediately streamline your operations!


By integrating your Google Account with your other software, you will save admin time in copying/pasting information between systems, improve the accuracy of the information you store, improve your customer service and much more!

Unlocking Language

Read what Unlocking Language had to say about integrating Google Calendar:

"We wanted to work with someone who knew the system we were using and was recognised by the system as an expert.

We have engaged Arctec on ongoing projects and support for many months, they have helped us design and implement a CRM that automates our client stats and invoicing by integrating Google Calendar and Xero, this has freed us up to do other work.

Would highly recommend Arctec for their approachability, expertise and pragmatism in helping us streamline and automate systems."

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