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Guitarist on Stage


Get to know our current line up.

TB - Final 2022 v2.jpg

Tom - Founder aka Band Manager

The founding band member of Arctec, and lover of music. Tom is the reason why all team members also have a band role in their job title!

Tom has a vast experience working with data in all ways from database development, integration and data visualisation.

Top 3 Artists Today:

  • Catfish & The Bottlemen

  • Gerry Cinnamon

  • Pete Tong

Dream Holiday Destination: International Space Station; it doesn't have to be on Earth right?

Favourite Food: Veggie Pizza

Dan - Chief Data Engineer aka Front Man

Dan is our Front Man, leading the band in all things database and integration related. Dan has a background working with various software platforms and even loves to repair computers.


Top 3 Artists Today:

  • Eminem

  • Queen

  • Oasis

Dream Holiday Destination: Hawaii

Favourite Food: Pizza

DH Final - 2022.jpg
RW Final - 2022 v2.jpg

Ry - Data Engineer aka Keyboardist

Our first Keyboardist, Ry works with our customers to deliver complex database solutions which also require integration with various other cloud based software. Ry also loves getting hands on with hardware too!


Top 3 Artists Today:

  • Jimi Hendrix

  • Led Zeppelin

  • Black Sabbath

Dream Holiday Destination: America

Favourite Food: Chicken

Kal - Data Engineer Apprentice aka Roadie

Kal completes our current line up as our Roadie. Kal is keen to learn all things data related in his role and supports the team in delivering solutions for all of our customers.

Top 3 Artists Today:

  • Drake

  • D-Block Europe

  • Adele

Dream Holiday Destination: Bali or Costa Rica (can't decide!)

Favourite Food: Chinese

KB Final - 2022 v2.jpg
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