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Are you looking to integrate your Shopify store with other software?

If you have information in your Shopify Store that you need to use in other software, you can connect these together by integrating them. 

Likewise, if you have information in your other software that you need to see in your Shopify store, this can be done too!

Some typical examples are...

automatically add new customers from your Shopify store to your CRM

create invoices in your accounting package from sales in your store

easily update product details and stock from your own databases

add new orders to your other systems for your team to fulfil

We can help you connect your Shopify store to the software you use everyday. In doing so, this will immediately streamline your operations!


By integrating your Shopify store with your other software, you will save admin time in copying/pasting information between systems, improve the accuracy of the information you store, improve your customer service and much more!

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Read what The Forge Gallery had to say about integrating Shopify:

"After the initial development we then worked with Arctec to automate any parts that we could. 


The automation [with Shopify] saved us significant amounts of time and dealt with a lot of historic issues allowing us to streamline the business and be massively more efficient. This extra time has allowed us to focus on growing the business."

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