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Management Information (MI) 99 is the ideal reporting solution for any business that currently spends time repeatedly pulling data to generate their MI and would like to learn more about their data at the same time.


MI 99 provides advanced reporting, and with our transparent investment options, MI 99 makes developing your integral MI platform easy and affordable.


We work with you to develop dashboard reports which are connected to the data important to you. Nothing comes from a template; everything is unique to you.


MI 99 comes with the ability to connect to one data source initially, but more can easily be connected when required.


This means if you currently use say Xero for your MI, then this would be one data source. If you do use other software to manage your data, like maybe a spreadsheet, a CRM, Google Analytics, etc, then we can easily incorporate these into an existing dashboard to see the full picture, or build standalone ones; whatever is preferred.


Example 1

Transform the data from your CRM database or shared spreadsheet into an interactive report!

Data Sources: 1

Investment: £99

Term: 12 Months

Example 2

Use the data from your accounting software like Xero, Quickbooks, Free Agent, Sage etc and produce more insightful financial reporting in less time!

Data Sources: 1

Investment: £99

Term: 12 Months

Example 3

Combine and test correlation in your data to see the full picture, from CRM to web analytics data; any combination you can think of! Each subsequent data source can be added for £25.

Data Sources: 2

Investment: £124

Term: 12 Months

If you would like to know more of how MI 99 could work for you, please get in touch today.

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