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In today’s dynamic digital marketplace, eCommerce businesses are increasingly seeking advanced solutions to manage their online stores effectively. At Arctec Data, we excel in offering a comprehensive CRM for eCommerce, designed to optimise and streamline your business operations. Our CRM is tailored to integrate seamlessly with popular platforms such as Shopify, creating a robust order management system Shopify businesses can rely on.

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Our eCommerce order management system is the cornerstone of efficient business operations. It ensures that your inventory levels are always updated in real-time, which is crucial for maintaining a smooth supply chain. This level of precision in warehouse management is vital for eCommerce businesses that need to keep pace with rapid sales processes. The integration of our CRM with your online store enables a more cohesive approach to managing your inventory, ensuring you can fulfil orders swiftly and efficiently.

The role of order management software in eCommerce cannot be understated. Every time a customer places an order, the system instantly updates inventory levels and initiates the fulfilment process. This automation streamlines the sales funnel, from the initial interest of the customer to the final delivery, enhancing the overall customer experience. Our CRM for eCommerce is more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that handles every aspect of the order management process, making it easier for you to focus on growing your business.


Marketing automation plays a pivotal role in expanding your eCommerce business. Our CRM integrates marketing tools that allow you to run targeted marketing campaigns and create effective email campaigns. These tools help in attracting potential customers to your Shopify store and retaining existing ones by building solid customer relationships. The beauty of marketing automation lies in its ability to provide personalised experiences to customers, an essential factor in today’s competitive eCommerce landscape.

Another crucial aspect of eCommerce is the efficient management of supply chains. Our CRM and order management system Shopify integration ensures that your supply chains are always functioning optimally. By keeping track of inventory levels in real-time, you can make informed decisions about stock replenishment, avoiding overstocking or stockouts. This level of inventory management is essential for ensuring that you can always fulfil orders, regardless of demand fluctuations.

In the sphere of eCommerce, the customer experience is paramount. Our CRM is designed to not only manage sales processes and inventory but also to enhance the interactions you have with your customers. By leveraging our CRM for eCommerce, you can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours, allowing you to tailor your offerings and marketing strategies accordingly. This leads to more effective marketing campaigns and a more personalised shopping experience for your customers.

The sales funnel in eCommerce is a journey that starts from the moment a customer lands on your online store to the point where they complete a purchase. Our eCommerce order management system plays a critical role in this journey. By automating various stages of the sales process, such as order processing and inventory management, it ensures that customers have a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also encourages repeat business.

Email campaigns are a significant part of any eCommerce marketing strategy. Our CRM integrates tools that allow you to create, manage, and track the performance of your email campaigns. These campaigns are essential for keeping your customers engaged and informed about new products, promotions, and other updates related to your Shopify store.

Arctec Data’s CRM and eCommerce order management system provide an all-encompassing solution for your online store. From managing inventory levels and supply chains to streamlining the sales process and enhancing customer relationships, our system is designed to elevate every aspect of your eCommerce operations. By integrating with platforms like Shopify, we ensure that you have a powerful, efficient, and user-friendly system at your fingertips, enabling you to drive your eCommerce business towards success. With our tools, you can focus on what matters most - growing your business and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

  • What makes Arctec Data different from other CRM agencies?
    Arctec Data stands out due to our personalised approach to CRM solutions. We not only implement and optimise CRM systems but also deeply understand your business processes, ensuring our solutions are perfectly aligned with your unique needs.
  • Can Arctec Data help with CRM system selection?
    Absolutely. Our team provides expert guidance on selecting the most suitable CRM system for your business, considering factors like scalability, functionality, and your specific industry requirements.
  • Do you offer training and support for CRM systems?
    Yes, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team is proficient in using the CRM system and to maximise its benefits for your business.
  • How does Arctec Data ensure CRM solutions are cost-effective?
    We focus on delivering CRM solutions that provide real value. Our strategies are designed to enhance efficiency and customer engagement, ensuring a high return on investment.
  • Can your CRM solutions integrate with existing business systems?
    Yes, we specialise in integrating CRM solutions with your existing business systems to create a seamless operational flow, enhancing both efficiency and data consistency.
  • How long does it take to implement a CRM solution?
    The implementation time varies depending on the complexity and scale of the project. We work closely with you to set realistic timelines and ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Do you offer custom CRM solutions for specific industries?
    Yes, our expertise includes developing custom CRM solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of various industries.
  • How do you approach data security in CRM systems?
    Data security is a top priority. We implement robust security measures in our CRM solutions to protect your data and comply with relevant data protection regulations.
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