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At Arctec Data, we know that successful relationships are at the heart of any successful business.

Our team of CRM software developers are committed to boosting your customer service to new heights. We specialise in customer relationship management (CRM) software development, helping clients enhance every aspect of their customer interactions. We build a CRM to your exact specifications.

We help businesses get the most out of their data by building bespoke software, integrating digital tools, automating workflows and providing insightful reporting. The benefits of developing CRM software are endless.

Startup Development Team


Let’s start by clarifying ‘CRM’. CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM systems and software are tools businesses use to organise and make sense of valuable customer data and insights. The CRM systems/software offer the tools you need to collect, manage and use data about people that matter to your business.


Ninox is a cloud-based data entry solution that is used by SMEs. The data is accessible anywhere and anytime. Whatever information you need to store, we can deliver a Ninox solution that ticks all your boxes.

You can also use Ninox to see your data in a more organised way. For the best user experience, these interfaces are customisable to your preference, use a Gantt view, a Kanban view, or whatever it is that helps you process information better.

And, because Ninox works so well with other systems (Quickbooks, Xero, Google Drive, Office365, etc.), our solutions will integrate seamlessly into your existing tech stack.



Developing CRM software can help your business in a huge amount of ways. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Lead management: Gone are the days of writing phone numbers on a scrap of paper or in spreadsheets. Custom CRM software can monitor the whole sales funnel, so your sales team can instantly view, analyse and manage lead data. Contact can also be initiated through the software, whether that’s a customised email or a phone call.

  • Project management: CRM can empower project managers, giving them a comprehensive overview of tasks, timelines, budgets and progress. Project managers can view ongoing jobs in completely customisable ways, helping them keep on top of tasks and deliver on duties.

  • Workflow automation: Many mundane, data entry tasks can be completed within a CRM system. This includes email marketing campaigns, lead assignment, deal management and customer support/feedback.

  • AI integration: AI can be integrated into the CRM system, automating complex workflows, predicting customer behaviour trends and identifying demand.

  • Data management: Vast amounts of customer information can be stored within the system. This can be easily accessed at the click of a button. It can also be organised and protected with access controls. Access controls help you manage the access of sensitive customer data, ensuring GDPR compliance.

  • Customer contact tracking: CRM software can track and manage customer contact, offering pre-recorded audio messages or custom live chats that can help resolve queries without the need for human intervention.


CRM is so broad, with so many possibilities, so it can help a wide range of industries.


  • Retail: CRM is especially powerful in the retail sector. It can improve sales, track/manage inventories and predict future sales using market/trend analysis. It can also help tailor marketing comms and campaigns, by presenting customer information in readable ways.

  • Medical: In the medical industry, CRM can help surgeries and practices manage patient data better. It can automate billing and analyse medical records to identify trends and correlations.

  • Fintech: CRM can simplify some of the complex tasks involved in the fintech industry. It can also smooth relationships between investors and service providers, ensuring client happiness.

  • Ecommerce: CRM is at the centre of any Ecommerce business. CRM offers a great user experience for customers, enabling personalised offers, customised emails and bespoke notifications that can build customer trust and loyalty, which is great for business. The CRM can also help improve conversion rate, manage inventory and monitor profit.

  • Creative industries: Creative agencies in areas like marketing or advertising can stay on top of client projects with custom CRM tools. Project managers can view deadlines, client comms, tasks and budgets with ease, in one place.


No matter what industry you are in, CRM can transform how you do business. It reduces the need for mundane data entry, it offers useable customer insights and it increases customer trust and loyalty. These benefits help set your business apart, even in the most competitive industries, which is great for your bottom line and long-term success.


Off-the-shelf CRM solutions are great to a certain extent. You may think tools like Quickbooks, Google Drive, Xero and Office365 are enough for you to manage your customer relationships, and yes they offer a range of benefits, however, they are not completely customisable. Only a personalised CRM system is. As your business scales and evolves, these systems can begin to hold you back. They might not offer the tools you need, or they might not store the amount of data you collect.


That’s why many businesses turn to a custom solution. A custom solution is built completely bespoke for your business.


When building custom solutions we sit down with you to really understand your business. We will talk about your processes, data management, your goals and objectives, and your current tech stack. Once we have a deep understanding of your needs, we build CRM software that is completely tailored.


Then, we help get your team on board. We can offer training and help, ensuring your employees are empowered to use the platform. When we create CRM software we have user experience in mind. We want to promote user adoption, so we create friendly interfaces that are intuitive to use.


The benefits of custom CRM are vast, but they fall into three main categories:


  • Flexible: Custom solutions are created for you and you alone. This means you have complete control. You can make the system work around you, instead of bending your processes to fit around an off-the-shelf solution. This means a brilliant user experience. 

  • Scalable: Wherever you see your business going, a custom CRM solution can be primed to grow with you. Add new features as and when you need them or refresh current ones. This system is yours to shape.

  • Value for money: Custom solutions are a bigger investment, but, you get your money’s worth. One custom solution can do the job of several off-the-shelf products. Plus, the benefits offered mean your investment will quickly pay its way.


Our approach to building a custom CRM revolves around understanding your unique business processes and needs. Armed with the power of Ninox, and other advanced technologies, we ensure that your custom CRM development aligns perfectly with your sales and marketing strategies. As a custom CRM development company, we pride ourselves on providing customised experiences that resonate with your brand identity and business goals.


Management of customer data are at the forefront of our development process. Our CRM developers design each part of the CRM to ensure that every customer interaction is captured and leveraged to strengthen your customer engagement. This attention to detail is one of the big things that sets us apart. We’re a real partner for businesses who want custom CRM integration and development.


Understanding that no two businesses are the same, we offer custom CRM software that addresses your specific needs. Whether it’s refining your lead generation process, enhancing customer service or simplifying complex workflows, our CRM software developers ensure that your CRM system is not just an addition to your technology stack but a transformative tool for your business. Our systems look after your bottom line.


Our system design focuses on user-friendliness and efficiency, making it easier for your team to access and utilise customer data effectively. This emphasis on usability is a key component of our CRM software systems, as it directly impacts the productivity of your sales and marketing teams. Easy-to-use CRM systems free up more time for your team to focus on the things that matter.


In addition to creating new CRM systems, our CRM developers are also skilled in CRM integration. We fit any new system seamlessly into your current tech stack. This ensures a smooth transition and continuity in your business operations. It means your team can move to the new system with minimal disruption. Our project managers will ensure your team is empowered to use the system.


We believe that the best CRM solutions are those that evolve with your business. Therefore, our custom CRM software solution is not just about building a system but creating a dynamic tool that adapts to your growing business needs. Our software developers work closely with you to understand your evolving requirements, ensuring that your CRM system remains relevant and effective over time.


Choosing Arctec Data means partnering with a custom CRM development company that is deeply invested in your success. Our CRM software developers go beyond the basics of CRM software systems, looking into the nuances of your industry and business model to deliver a solution that truly transforms your customer relationship management. Let us help redefine customer engagement and take your business to new heights with cutting-edge CRM solutions.


Have we piqued your interest? Get in touch to speak with one of our project managers, so we can build a CRM that transforms your business.

  • What makes Arctec Data different from other CRM agencies?
    Arctec Data stands out due to our personalised approach to CRM solutions. We not only implement and optimise CRM systems but also deeply understand your business processes, ensuring our solutions are perfectly aligned with your unique needs.
  • Can Arctec Data help with CRM system selection?
    Absolutely. Our team provides expert guidance on selecting the most suitable CRM system for your business, considering factors like scalability, functionality, and your specific industry requirements.
  • Do you offer training and support for CRM systems?
    Yes, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team is proficient in using the CRM system and to maximise its benefits for your business.
  • How does Arctec Data ensure CRM solutions are cost-effective?
    We focus on delivering CRM solutions that provide real value. Our strategies are designed to enhance efficiency and customer engagement, ensuring a high return on investment.
  • Can your CRM solutions integrate with existing business systems?
    Yes, we specialise in integrating CRM solutions with your existing business systems to create a seamless operational flow, enhancing both efficiency and data consistency.
  • How long does it take to implement a CRM solution?
    The implementation time varies depending on the complexity and scale of the project. We work closely with you to set realistic timelines and ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Do you offer custom CRM solutions for specific industries?
    Yes, our expertise includes developing custom CRM solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of various industries.
  • How do you approach data security in CRM systems?
    Data security is a top priority. We implement robust security measures in our CRM solutions to protect your data and comply with relevant data protection regulations.
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