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Arctec Data is your partner for all things customer relationship management (CRM).


We specialise in bespoke CRM, creating completely tailored systems and designs. We create unique solutions because we understand that every business has its own needs. A one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t cut it. So, we’re committed to creating CRM systems that go above and beyond, ticking all your boxes.


First off, let’s talk about CRM in general. CRM is customer relationship management. This covers a broad range of business processes, workflows, interactions and data management systems.


Depending on what industry you are in, your CRM needs will differ. A creative business might require a productivity-based CRM system like Google Workspace. This allows your clients to book meetings, arrange video calls and view content with offerings such as Google Meet, Google Calendar and Google Slides.


Or, a sales business might use Salesforce. Salesforce allows you to store, track and manage customer interactions and data. You can also manage the sales pipeline, send out comms and keep the conversation between sales and marketing flowing.


Out-of-the-box CRM systems like the two above are great. However, they come with certain limitations. There will be restrictions on what you can do, how much the platform can be customised and how well it can help your business.


That’s where bespoke CRM come in. As the name might suggest, bespoke CRM is tailored to your unique business. When we develop a custom CRM at Arctec Data, we carefully analyse your business operations. This includes understanding how your sales and marketing strategies work and how they can be improved with a bespoke CRM solution. We prioritise user experience (UX) design, making sure the CRM is not only functional but also easy to use. Good UX is essential as it ensures user adoption, meaning your team will use the CRM system as intended.


Plus, it doesn’t stop there.


Once the system is up and running, a bespoke CRM agency, such as ourselves, can offer team training/help and support, to ensure user uptake. We can also advise on ways to use your customer data best, so you can create tailored marketing comms that resonate with your customers.


Our custom CRM solutions integrate customer service and sales strategies seamlessly into your business. This ensures that all your business processes work together, improving the user experience and the effectiveness of your CRM system.

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Bespoke CRM solutions offer many advantages over generic ones. The CRM is made specifically for your business, leading to better efficiency and a more organised approach to managing customer relationships.


A custom solution lets you work how you want to. If you have any specific must-haves, these can be worked into your build. And vice versa, if you have any major no-nos. A custom solution gives you all the tools you need and none of the ones you don’t.


The CRM system also is scalable, meaning it can grow as your business grows. Often, off-the-shelf solutions can hinder your business as you develop and evolve. You might find they don’t offer the tools you need or they can’t manage the volume of data you collect. A bespoke solution, however, is primed to grow with you.


Plus, custom solutions are more flexible. They can grow with your business because developers can add new functions as you need them. With an off-the-shelf solution, your options are pretty limited when it comes to integrating new features. Sometimes it can be done, but these add-ons will quickly begin to add-up in cost.


Our case studies show how effective our custom CRM software is in different business situations. Our custom CRM solutions have improved business processes, customer service and the efficiency of sales and marketing efforts. By choosing a custom CRM from Arctec Data, you get a solution tailored to your needs, with more flexibility in features and functions.


We develop custom CRM systems in close collaboration with our clients. This ensures that every aspect of the CRM design matches your business vision and goals. From the initial development stages to the final implementation, our team works hard to make sure the CRM solution goes above and beyond to tick your boxes.


Our custom CRM solutions aren't just about managing customer relationships; they're about transforming how you handle customer service and business operations as a whole. With a CRM system that has been built specifically for your business, you gain a competitive edge in the market. You can manage customer relationships better, streamline processes and ultimately boost growth and profitability.


Choosing a custom CRM system from Arctec Data offers so many benefits for your business. Improved customer service, better sales and marketing strategies and efficient business operation/customer relationship management are just the beginning.


A custom CRM solution is a system that's truly yours, one that evolves and grows with your business. One that works around you.


Curious to know more about the wonderful ways we can help your business? Get in touch to speak with our experts. They’ll show you what we can do

  • What makes Arctec Data different from other CRM agencies?
    Arctec Data stands out due to our personalised approach to CRM solutions. We not only implement and optimise CRM systems but also deeply understand your business processes, ensuring our solutions are perfectly aligned with your unique needs.
  • Can Arctec Data help with CRM system selection?
    Absolutely. Our team provides expert guidance on selecting the most suitable CRM system for your business, considering factors like scalability, functionality, and your specific industry requirements.
  • Do you offer training and support for CRM systems?
    Yes, we offer comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure your team is proficient in using the CRM system and to maximise its benefits for your business.
  • How does Arctec Data ensure CRM solutions are cost-effective?
    We focus on delivering CRM solutions that provide real value. Our strategies are designed to enhance efficiency and customer engagement, ensuring a high return on investment.
  • Can your CRM solutions integrate with existing business systems?
    Yes, we specialise in integrating CRM solutions with your existing business systems to create a seamless operational flow, enhancing both efficiency and data consistency.
  • How long does it take to implement a CRM solution?
    The implementation time varies depending on the complexity and scale of the project. We work closely with you to set realistic timelines and ensure minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Do you offer custom CRM solutions for specific industries?
    Yes, our expertise includes developing custom CRM solutions tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities of various industries.
  • How do you approach data security in CRM systems?
    Data security is a top priority. We implement robust security measures in our CRM solutions to protect your data and comply with relevant data protection regulations.
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